Elastic fabrics for coating, filtering and much more

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Light “voile”, great for foils and coats.
20%EA + 80%PA 70 gr/sq.m H =150 cm

Light “voile”, great for foils and coats.
25%EA + 75%PES 70 gr/sq.m H =150 cm

Matt polyamide charmeuse for various end-uses.
20%EA + 80%PA 170 gr/sq.m H =150cm Colours: 100

Matt crêpe fabric, particularly indicated for transpirating packaging.
100%PES 150 gr/sq.m H =150cm

Stretchy strength for maximum shape-forming with LYCRA XTRALIFE. The high modulous and weight are concealed by the softness of its multifibre matt yarn, with the added advantages of improved chlorine resistance.
21%EA + 79%PA MULTI 235 gr/sq.m H =150 cm

Polyamide net for different end-uses.
18%EA +82%PA 55 gr/sq.m H =147cm

Very light bi-elastic net.
15%EA +85%PA 80 gr/sq.m H =145cm

Light, matt microfibre in the  “Technical Line” range: a winning combination of softness and modulous, ideal for filtering.
26%EA + 74%PA MICRO 120 gr/sq.m H =150 cm