Textile manufacturer for 3 generations, with the aim of spreading the excellency of Italian quality and taste all over the world.

  • History

    • 1973 Wegal is created for the production of elastic fabrics for the worldwide clothing market.
    • 1985 Wegal founds company TRICOTEL for the production of high quality fancy fabrics.
    • 1997 Merger of the two companies into WEGAL & TRICOTEL S.p.A.
    • 2005 Dr. Matteo Schieppati, son of one of the founders, joins the company, assuring  continuity in the traditional values for which WEGAL & TRICOTEL is known and appreciated world-wide.
    • 2009 Start of the new dyeing and finishing line.
    • 2018 Presentation of the new special finishings (foils, membranes, embossings, etc…) and prints.
    • 2019 Presentation of the new ECO collection: fabrics made with recycled yarns.
    • 2022 4.0 implementations: new water saving dyeing machines and new ERP.
    • 2023 Wegal is a young 50 years old!

  • Philosophy

    The reasons of WEGAL & TRICOTEL’s success:

    • Quick Answers
    • Production capacity: nimble, dinamic and concrete!
    • High quality level
    • Strong orientation towards customer satisfaction, to meet any requirements
    • Flexibility on minimum quantities for customer colours or specific finish requests

  • Production

    WEGAL & TRICOTEL produces elastic microfiber fabrics with elastane – spandex particularly studied for manufacturing of swimwear, underwear, lingerie, corsetery, sportwear for biking, athletics, fitness, skating, dance and many industrial uses.

  • Technology

    Ultra-modern knitting machines, equipped with computer systems for feed control and complete production monitoring

    Ultra-modern dyeing and finishing plant

    Inspection machines for automatic and visual control of finished product, fully equipped with a specific system for fabric relaxing

    Modern fully equipped laboratory for the control of physical, mechanical and dyeing fabrics parameters

    Automatic computerised packing and labelling line with bar-code, for the complete product tracking

  • Quality

    WEGAL & TRICOTEL utilises an exacting monitoring system for every single production stage, starting from yarn choice, knitting procedure, dyeing and finishing; at the end, every single meter is strictly inspected before delivery to the client.

    Moreover, new articles are tested for all quality parameters, e.g. colour analysis with spectrophotometry, dimensional stability, colour fastness and elongation features.

    WEGAL & TRICOTEL was one of the first elastic fabric producers to detain a certificate of full compliance to the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 (RDP N. 953035 O).

  • Research

    A specialised team studies market developments and future colour trends. From this research new articles and colour cards are created to inspire our client’s stylists in the preparation of their own collections.

    The continuous research and experimentation of new yarns, new structures and new finishings allow WEGAL & TRICOTEL to create innovative fabrics, to anticipate fashion and market trends.

    Moreover, the technical department actively cooperates with clients in order to develop new fabrics, particularly studied to meet specific requirements. From this cooperation specific fabrics are created and offered in exclusivity for that particular client for an agreed period.

    A fully equipped laboratory with dedicated knitting machines and small dyeing autoclaves for testing allow to produce small pilot productions, to verify the experimental input from technical department, in order to guarantee the commercialisation of new fabrics only after carrying out all suitable quality controls.