Microfibre elastic fabrics with unbeatable comfort and excellent wearability, particularly dedicated to style perfectionists.

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A very fine fabric from the “Technical Line” range: light and easily printable.
20%EA + 80%PA 70 gr/sq.m H =150 cm

A very fine fabric from the “Technical Line” range: light and easily printable.
25%EA + 75%PES 70 gr/sq.m H =150 cm

“Piquè” structure in polyester: excellent breathing properties but no see-through. Ideal for transfer printed garments for sports wear, cycling, etc.
17%EA + 83%PES 180 gr/sq.m H =150cm

Light tricot, with good shaping properties.
25%EA + 75%PA 70 gr/mq H =160

A very fine shiny voile,caressing forms without marking.
26%EA + 74%PA 90 gr/sq.m H =150cm

Very soft, skin-caressing high-stretch tricot in shiny microfibre.
20%EA + 80%PA MICRO 145 gr/mq H =150cm

Very soft, skin-caressing high-stretch tricot in matt microfibre.
18%EA + 82%PA MICRO 150 gr/sq.m H =150 cm

Matt charmeuse particularly indicated for its high performance.
20%EA + 80%PA 190 gr/sq.m H =150cm Colours: 100

Matt polyamide charmeuse for various end-uses.
20%EA + 80%PA 170 gr/sq.m H =150cm Colours: 100

Structure with a shiny “shantung” look.
16%EA + 84%PA 170 gr/sq.m H =150 cm

A new development within the « Technical Line » family. The particular knitting structure is designed to increase strength while improving wear and sand-penetration characteristics. Practically „square” elongation allows greater modelling and cutting freedom for manufacturers; it also  improves the athlete’s ease of movement. The use of LYCRA XTRALIFE provides a high modulous of elasticity and higher resistance to chlorinated water, body oils and sweat. All these advantages are combined within a fabric made with the best microfibres available, giving maximum comfort.
22%EA + 78%PA MICRO 155 gr/sq.m H =150 cm

Technical fabric able to absorb body heat and return it as FIR (far infrared radiations).
18%EA + 82%PA MICRO 190 gr/mq H =155cm

Our “evergreen” is more “green”! With recycled polyamide and a finest gauge.
20%EA + 80%PA 170 gr/mq H =150cm

Shiny microfibre fabric, soft and comfortable.
18%EA + 82%PA MICRO  185 gr/sq.m H =150cm

Highly powerful matt multifibre charmeuse. Ideal for corsetery
40%EA + 60%PA MULTI 270 gr/sq.m H =150cm

Sparkling shiny voile especially studied for impressive underwear.
25%EA + 75%PA 90 gr/sq.m H =150cm

Shiny charmeuse, a classic for swimwear, lingerie and sportswear.
20%EA + 80%PA 170 gr/sq.m H =150cm Colours: 40

Technical “cotton touch” polyester tricot fabric, studied to combine in one article the hand feel of the cotton, the printability of the polyester and the bi-directional elasticity of the warp knitted fabrics.
15%EA + 85%PES 210 gr/mq H =165cm

Stretchy elegance with embedded gold lurex.  The particular technique achieves a combination of very high rubbing and chlorine resistance together with soft handle and good modulous.
20%EA + 80%PA 170 gr/sq.m H =150 cm Colours: depending on availability or to order

Shiny charmeuse in polyamide for different end uses.
20%EA + 80%PA 190 gr/sq.m H =150cm Colours: 40

Shiny tricot treated to obtain a classic „wet look” effect.
20%EA + 80%PA 180 gr/sq.m H =145 cm

Shiny plissè effect, where structure and partial see-through effects produce an elegant harmony.
18%EA + 82%PA 180 gr/sq.m H =150 cm

Polyester jersey in brillant colours, perfect for lining and for cover up.

16%EA + 84%PES 95 gr/sq.m H =160 cm

Captivating shiny, uneven structure. Bizarre…creative…elegant!
25%EA + 75%PA MICRO 160gr/sq.m H =150cm

“Peach hand touch” matt microfibre fabric, extremely soft and comfortable 
18%EA + 82%PA MICRO 185 gr/sq.m H =147cm

“Piquè” structure in soft microfibre polyamide
18%EA + 82%PA MICRO 180 gr/sq.m H =150cm

100% polyamide jersey, used for lining100%PA
90 gr/sq.m H =150cm

Polyamide net for different end-uses.
18%EA +82%PA 55 gr/sq.m H =147cm

Very light bi-elastic net.
15%EA +85%PA 80 gr/sq.m H =145cm

Microfiber jersey for beachwear and fitness.
20%EA + 80%PA MICRO 170gr/sq.m H =160cm  

Compact, elastic microfibre fabric, combining high vestibility and seducing handle.
16%EA + 84% PA MICRO 140 gr/sq.m H =155 cm  

Extra light, shiny version within the “Technical Line” family…..seductively transparent!
26%EA + 74%PA 70 gr/sq.m H =150 cm

Light, matt microfibre in the  “Technical Line” range: a winning combination of softness and modulous, ideal for lingerie.
26%EA + 74%PA MICRO 120 gr/sq.m H =150 cm

High modulus and high sand resitant light, matt Polyester in the  “Technical Line” range.
22%EA + 78%PES 135 gr/sq.m H =150 cm

Microfiber jersey for medium-big size lining.
16%EA + 84%PES MICRO 135 gr/sq.m H =155 cm