Fast answers
Well amalgameted team work and information sharing produce real time, reliable answers.

Careful control
Each production stage is doubly checked by technological and human inspections.

Wide range of articles and colours
WEGAL & TRICOTEL proposes the amplest collection , with over 70 fabrics and up to 100 shades/article. New products are studied, tested and offered throughout the year.

Personalized fabrics and colour shades
The capillary commercial network is in daily contact with our research and production teams, offering fast and propositive solutions to even the most problematic requirements.
We strive to meet specific needs for speedy deliveries of non-standard quantities.

Through the decades, we have gained a world wide reputation for impeccable and spot-on-time deliveries.

Efficency, adaptability and precision: the plus added to the quality of WEGAL & TRICOTEL ‘s products